EPS Technology maintains an elite staff who have access to one of the largest inventories of testing equipment in the USA. This allows us perform testing on almost any piece of equipment.
EPS Technology is also one of 14 companies in the world who have earned the title of SEL Expert company. This title recognizes our organization as uniquely qualified to help you with your SEL relay applications and gives us customized training and support services from SEL to maximize the quality and service that we can offer to our customers.

Give us a call for more details on your specific needs, and we’ll be happy to assist.

Electrical Testing Services:

– Electromechanical
– Solid State
– Microprocessor
– End to End Testing
– Fault Simulations
– Evaluate Protection Systems
– IEC 61850 Compliant Testing

Circuit Breakers & Switches
– Commissioning
– Timing
– Travel Analysis

– Turnkey testing and commissioning capabilities
– Power Factor
– Winding Resistance
– Sweep Frequency Response Analysis
– Leakage Reactance
– Transformer Turns Ratio
– Oil Analysis

– Partial Discharge Testing
– AC & DC Hi-Potential Testing
– VLF (Very Low Frequency) Testing
– Fault Location

SCADA & Communications
– Power Line Carrier
– Fiber Communications
– (RTU) Remote Terminal Unit Commissioning
– Commissioning
– IEC 61850 Communications

Ground Grid Testing
Battery Testing
UPS Acceptance Testing
DFR(Digital Fault Recorder) Commissioning