As part of our full service offering, EPS Technology operates an in house Insulating Oil Analysis Lab. This allows us to have full control over the timing of a project and gives our customer the convenience that their testing can all be handled by one company. See below for a listing of our typical oil analysis. Other insulating fluid and SF6 analysis is available, so if there is a test that you need performed that is not listed, please call us for details.

Standard Oil Screen

Dielectric Breakdown – ASTM D-877
Acid Number – ASTM D-974
Interfacial Tension – ASTM D-971
Color Visual – ASTM D-1500
Visual Examination – ASTM D-1524
Specific Gravity – ASTM D-1298

Moisture Content

Standard Test Method for Moisture Using Volumetric Karl Fischer Titration – ASTM E-203-08

Dissolved Gas Analysis

DGA Analysis – ASTM D-3612

Power Factor

Power Factor @ 25C – ASTM D-924
Power Factor @ 100C – ASTM D-924
Power Factor @ 25C & 100C – ASTM D-924 (+ $12)

Metals in Oil

8 Metal Screen ASTM D-3635icp

DBPC Inhibitor Content

Oxidation Inhibitor – ASTM D-2668

PCB Content Analysis

Polychlorinated Biphenyls Content in Oil – EPA 8082

Furanic Compound

Cellulose Degredation Screening ASTM D-5837

Corrosive Sulphur

ASTM D-1275B

Pour Point


Particle Count

ASTM D-6786-08