EPS Technology has a fleet of oil processing rigs strategically positioned throughout the USA to quickly and cost effectively mobilize to customer locations. Our vacuum processing rigs have the capability of pulling a deep, extended vacuum on transformers and other equipment for the purpose of removing moisture. They also have the heating and degasification processing equipment for filtering the oil and reducing moisture content, dissolved gasses, and particulate matter in the oil.

Give us a call for more details on your specific needs, and we’ll be happy to assist.

Insulating Oil Handling

-Problematic Transformers
-Problematic Oil Circuit Breakers
-PCB Retrofills
-New Transformer Vacuum Filling
-Pump downs for repairs

Typical Rig Specifications

495 CFM Tuthill vacuum pump with ultimate Torr of 0.06 Torr
2700 CFM Tuthill booster pump
216 kW total heating capacity
Online Doble Domino Moisture in Oil Analyzer
Discharge and auxiliary inlet pumps – 30 gpm
Outlet filter system
Includes dew point and oil dielectric testers.
System installed in 34 ft enclosed trailer

Additional EPS Equipment Available:

Portable generators for running the processing rigs
Cold trap for monitoring moisture removal
Auxiliary Heater for adding additional heating capacity, when needed
Boom Truck – 24 ton
Test Equipment for testing transformers and other substation equipment
Portable Oil Containment Systems
Oil Storage Containers