The testing of electrical components at regular intervals is a vital part of your maintenance program, and will results in cost savings by longer equipment life cycles when performed regularly. EPS Technology is capable of analyzing and performing maintenance testing on your system, no matter the age or complexity. Give us a call for more details on your specific needs, and we’ll be happy to assist.


– NERC Compliance Testing
– Electromechanical
– Solid State
– Microprocessor
– Fault Simulations
– Evaluate Protection Systems
– Trip Testing & Functional Checkout

Circuit Breakers & Switches

– Timing
– Travel Analysis


– LTC Testing & Analysis
– Power Factor
– Winding Resistance
– Sweep Frequency Response Analysis
– Leakage Reactance
– Transformer Turns Ratio
– Oil Analysis


– Partial Discharge Testing
– AC & DC Hi-Potential Testing
– VLF (Very Low Frequency) Testing
– Fault Location

SCADA & Communications

– Reliability Testing
– Reprogramming
– Power Line Carrier
– Fiber Communications

– Ground Grid Testing
– Battery Testing
– Infrared Thermography
– Corona Scan
– Insulating Fluid Sampling & Analysis
– Power Quality Analysis